DOUBLE DOWN To be released in November 2010.


In the blue corner, weighing in at an astonishing 500 pounds, ready to take on anyone or anything is NAKED!

The band that is determined to keep things real has already put out three albums. The debut album "This One Goes To Eleven" was released in 2004 and featured the single "Sister". The video for the track was directed by Stefan Lindfors (HIM, "Funeral of Hearts"). The second NAKED album "Let's Get Naked ...And Start A Revolution" (2006) featured two Top 5 singles, "High On Blue Love" and "Revolution". The “Revolution” video was shot in London with the singer The Muff cavorting in Camden Town, wearing a strait jacket. With their third album "Superstate" (2007) , NAKED hit the road again delivering a cavalcade of seriously ass kicking, sweat dripping, shirt ripping and confetti bursting rock shows. These ear-deafening events took NAKED all over Europe, Scandinavia and Russia and included support gigs with esteemed international acts such as The 69 Eyes and The Killers. The "Superstate" tour ended in May 2009 with a sold out rock spectacle at the Liquid Room in Tokyo, Japan.

After all that live extravaganza, NAKED completed their self-produced album "Double Down". The guys in the band are disturbingly excited by the new album, the singer Muff having said “NAKED finally sounds the way it should; like a 747 with unlimited fuel and champagne supplies”. The 13-track robust monster of a record is simply a 48 minute experience that will most definitely change your life. Double Down will be released in Finland by T-Bag Records November 10th 2010.

Get with it, Get NAKED!

The Muff - Vocals, Guitar
Zack - Guitar, Vocals
Ilari - Bass, Vocals
Mr Tikka - Drums

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